Thursday, December 1, 2016

Food Waste: Returning to something we never quite started, Success Criteria for Social Studies, Homework and handouts posted on Proudfoot Institute site

The preceding link concerns the issue of food waste.

Two weeks ago, I assigned an article to be read on food waste.  I intended to dive into the topic but will come back to it by assigning a couple of journal questions for homework.  This will get the mind thinking about  the issues again and we will use some information, from the news, to direct the discussion and Reading based work on the topic.

As I was browsing through Now magazine, I noticed a new documentary, Theater of Life, which will be showing at the Bloor Hot Docs cinema:

Homework & Handouts

These three handouts went home today.

This is a visual reminder of the homework:    The Math; the Success Criteria for the Social Studies project; the Journal questions for the article of food waste, from a couple of weeks ago.

The article from What in the World, the Math, and Journal question will be scanned and posted on The Proudfoot Institute Google page.  I will aim to do this before Friday evening.  You will require a TDSB password to get to this page.  While we have been using the laptops in the classroom for our research, I have been resetting student passwords, in case they have forgotten their old ones.

UPDATE as of December 2:  Items have been added to the Proudfoot Institute site.  It is under, I believe, the assignments page.  I have not figured out how to change the calendar name from AMG to Dovercourt.

A class photo is in order for this award.  Room 28 won the award for the classroom that used cars the least, as a form of transportation to the school.

Enjoy your long weekend.