Monday, September 28, 2015

Post 600, Geography exercise, 25x25 Multiplication table, Nelson Grade 7 Math textbook link, and some Multiplication pointers

This is Post # 600.  Pretty cool.

In Geography, most of the students have handed in their homework.  If you haven't, please pass it on to me.  Some groups have not finished the "Constructivist" lesson relating to our upcoming topic using K;Naan's book, When I get Older.

Here are a few shots of 7B, at work:

This 25x25 multiplication table may help in identifying some of the factors of a given number.  Right click and save this image, and then print.


The Nelson Math textbook that we use has an online component.  Check out the following site to get some more information on the facts you may be currently exploring in class:

Currently, in Math, we are working on a set of skills that will require you to be comfortable with your multiplication table.  Although this work is not supposed to be reproduced, here is the JUMP Math methodology for learning your Multiplication table in 5 days:

A useful video to browse may be this one.  You will also find a number of other very useful videos on YouTube relating to your Multiplication table:

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