Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Looking at sentences and an introductory exercise

This exercise came from a George Pfau.  I thought of it as a creative way to enter into a discussion about sentence structure.  http://www.georgepfau.com/art/sentence-drawing-sentence

It was a combination of Art (I intentionally capitalize this word),Writing (okay, so I have to respect this as well), and developing some group dynamics.

Check out the video we watched in class.  It provides a solid overview of where we will go with this topic.  Eventually we will use our competence in sentence writing to develop some solid paragraphs!

The final piece of work from Group #1.

Although it seems very elementary, this video is a reminder of the key rules to sentence writing:

The work around writing will become more complex, as we move forward, but for now we are starting with the building blocks.


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