Friday, September 11, 2015

First Friday, Class Expectations, further developing the Word Wall, and Island exercise

The end of the week is almost here.  The students in Room 52, along with the other Grade 7s, will be starting rotary on Day 1, which is Tuesday, September 15.  As I mentioned, we are operating on an integrated, team teaching approach in the Grade 7 Division.

There will be two teachers in the room during the core subject periods of Science, History/Geography, and Math.  Language Arts, which is a Core subject, is being taught by each of the team members on his or her own.

I am pleased to see how well the Grade 7s are adjusting to life in the Intermediate Division.  They seem very eager and keen to help and work with each other.

There is a lot of diagnostic assessment work going on in the classrooms.  This needs to be done before a lot of the core curriculum work can begin.

Even when we begin rotary, there will be opportunities for the students to receive extra support and guidance.  With teaching, assessment should be continuously happening to see what adjustments need to be made to support learning.

In Room 52, I want to ensure that we all feel confident, safe, and happy.  So, we got to work brainstorming some ideas about our Class Expectations:

When the lists were done, I looked them over and came up with a list that looks like this.  I think of this as a work-in-progress because we may add to it as we settle more into the year.

On the same level,and just important, is the letter I sent home two days ago.  Please keep it, in case you would like to reach me.

I will be sending home an information card that I would like you, please, to fill out.  I keep it in a confidential location and helps me for when I need to touch base with you about anything.

In the past week, a few words have come up that deserved to be added to our Word Wall.  One of the words, advocate, was thanks to Tony.  Tony is a student who spoke up to mention that the cost of the agenda should be $5 instead of $6.  He was basing this information off of a letter that was sent home in June of 2015; a sharp guy!

some words from this week

words from the past 

In addition to having Gym at the same time for the entire school year, the 7s are working together on the "Island Activity."

They are in groups of 5 and creating a community.  They are often working with students they have met for the first time.

I will add some more photos when the groups get around to presenting the projects.

Here are some photos of different stages of the project:

The project is planned for a small portion of this afternoon, but it is my hope to hand out a small portion of homework for the weekend.  I will post that on the blog.

This is a small section of the homework for Monday.  I have answered a couple of the questions in front of the class to model how to do it.  The sheet is a way of me getting to know the class a little more.
Toronto Public Health form(s)
Parent Contact Information form (for Mr. P)
Student Inventory homework

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