Wednesday, September 9, 2015


It was the first day of school yesterday and an adjustment for everyone as everyone came out of the starting blocks.

Once the students arrive in the room, the year officially is up and running.

The Grade 7 HSP and ISP class has been combined this year.  As a group, we are 7C and will be going on Rotary for Science, History/Geography [which I will be teaching], French, and Math.  We have set up a Team Teaching model in Grade 7 for 2015-2016.  When the students are out on Rotary in the core subject areas -- the subjects I mentioned, less French -- there will be two teachers in the classroom to assist with teaching and to provide support for the students from our class.

This model is new.  I am sure there will be many questions and hurdles along the way, but the team, along with the AMG Administration, believe this will be a great model for the students.

Sorry, the photo is a touch blurry,  This is the group of Grade 7s having a team meeting with Ms. Miller, Mr. Chung, Mr. Taylore, Ms. Da Silva, and Ms. Verhagen in the Senior Lunch Room.

You will be receiving a letter home with some information about the school year and the Grade 7 team.  

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