Saturday, September 26, 2015

Minimalist blogging, Factors and Multiples, The Beep Test, and I of I for Geography

To maintain a level of solidarity with the Phase 3 of ETFO job action, I will minimize my posting to items relating to information in the class which may be beneficial to students.

A short review of Factors and Multiples.  A current topic in Math in Grade 7.

Not only is YouTube a great place to find great sports videos and silliness, but a place to find information on the work that may be happening in class!

Okay, so this last one is a little silly, but it relates to the topic in question.

This is a first:  a Phys Ed post in relation to The Beep Test.

More information can be found at:
From the same site is a cool link to some results of the Beep Test from different athletes:

Due to the Terry Fox event on Friday afternoon, 7B is ahead of 7A in this exercise.  I try to share an Item of Interest with the class before a lesson.  The items have come from issues that they have asked about.  In the case of yesterday's class, we looked at the first part of an issue relating to the drought in California.  Although this is not the link I used during my lessons, it still offers some spectacular images.


homework for 7C
- complete p.3 for Math ; 7A to complete pages assigned by Mr. Chung
- story map for "Gravity Failing"
- any outstanding Geography homework (What is Where, Why There, Why Care or title page)

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