Friday, September 18, 2015

Geography Class #2

I took both of the KWL charts from each class and summarized them here:

It is my intent to use this chart, along with the curriculum, to explore Geography.  You will also notice the textbook in the shot; we'll use that too.

I did not assign homework, but I introduced students to the following quote by Geographer Charles Gritzner.  I also added a question to go with this quote.  I realize that the quote is a little abstract and the question may also cause one to be a bit confused.

Question for Tuesday's Homework

So, what I have  decided to do was provide the student with 2 samples.  The first one I will share on the blog and second one will be in class on Tuesday.  By then, I think the students will have a more complete understanding of what I am trying to ask them to do.


From time to time, I have decided to use an Item of Interest, or IOI, in class.  A couple of days ago, we talked a little bit about Garrison Creek and how it relates to Christie Pits and Trinity Bellwoods Park.  I followed this up with an observation that begins to answer the set of questions:

What is Where?

It looks as though a bridge used to be on Harbord, near Grace Ave.
Why There?

From a little searching , I realized that Garrison Creek used to flow through this area.  The images can be found on the link underneath the photo I posted.  Garrison Creek ends up flowing down to the corner of Bathurst Street and Lakeshore Blvd.

Why Care?

This is a small part of the development of our city.  This is an example of the land being changed by people and you can still see some evidence of how things used to be in this part of the city.

I will follow up with another example on Tuesday before giving this out as a formal homework assignment.

FYI:  Here is a shot of what was known as the Bickford Ravine with the bridge in the background:

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