Thursday, September 24, 2015

A moral dilemma, then a choice. Geography homework explained with three examples

So, I was pretty certain I was not going to update this blog due to the Phase Three of the ETFO Work-to-Rule.  I had made peace with it, sort of.  I agreed that I would remain in solidarity, but then something happened yesterday.

A student, who is in my HSP (Home School Program) class and an Exceptional learner -- as defined by the TDSB -- asked me if something I was teaching in class was going to be on the blog.  This is where one of the major forces behind doing the blog came from:  the students.

Is it nice that a parent or the public take a look at it?  Sure.  But the real intention was to provide the students with a review of the day and some additional examples to support their learning.

Enough said:

For those who need some more guidance for the Geography homework, here it is:

Some fascinating info on Lake Iroquois

This is a screen shot taken from the link I have 

In terms of studying the movement of people in particular places, I came across a great entry on the website on Lake Iroquois and its shoreline and how this relates to Davenport Road.

Had this student not asked that question, I am not sure when I would have returned to this exercise. 
That bothers me.
I now must wrestle with those thoughts.  In the meantime, I hope the posts, even if they are a touch shorter, will help the various learners who I am fortunate enough to work with.  I will maintain a level of brevity in my posts, but I will not end them.

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