Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Praises for some good work, a few notes and images on Probability, an updated poster and sample from Mr. P

With some marking out of the way, here are a few results based on some hard work:

While taking up the test, I wanted to give the students a sense of how evaluating the Theoretical Probability might look using a Tree Diagram; I am not sure if I had to capitalize that, but I am going to give it the respect it deserves!

Here we have a spinner with three possible outcomes:
- spinning an Orange
- spinning a Green
- spinning a Red

The coin has two possible outcomes:
- Heads
- Tales

In the next exercise, you will be taking two Independent events (rolling a die or flipping a coin or spinning on a spinner that has no bearing on the result of the other) and calculating:

1.  The Theoretical Probability
2.  The Experimental Probability  

\To assist you with #1, you are going to create a Tree Diagram.  Here is an example from the Internet:
from http://www.regentsprep.org/regents/math/algebra/APR4/tree1.gif

On the left is the first event : a coin toss.  You can see the 2 possible outcomes.  On the right, you see the outcomes of rolling a die.  When combined together, you have 2 x 6 or 12 possible outcomes.

Before you do your experiment, you will first create a Tree Diagram on the piece of paper provided to members of your group.  

My original sketch of the spinner and the die would have a diagram looking something like this:
I also created another variation of this chart on the Promethean Board:

There is an update to one of the posters I posted up in the classroom around the food project:

It is my hope to post a copy of a draft copy of the food project I was thinking about for the students to see how this poster factors into the writing of the paragraphs.

Here is my sample, initial draft, following the poster, the Success Criteria, the Adjective word sheet, and the Persuasive word sheet.  I typed this up late last night, so there may be editorial changes needed!!

In case you have no idea who Bruny Surin is, here is one of his famous races.  It happened at the Skydome at the 1995 World Indoor Track and Field Championships in Toronto.   

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