Friday, June 5, 2015

Marking Day!

Although there is no school, there is a lot of sorting through of assignments and marks as we prepare for the end of the year.  I am pleased to see a few more names added to the Level 3 + results for a  few assignments:

Dylan's name was recently added

Diego's name was recently added

Savannah's name was recently added

The last Movie evening will be taking place this Friday at AMG:

A lot of work time over the past week has been spent working on the Food product project.  There has been consistent time provided in class for the students to work on this and receive consistent feedback from me on how to improve this project.  Tips and examples are up on the class bulletin board to guide the students.  
For the next phases of this project, the students will be embarking on a joint Art and Media piece.  The students will be taking the product they created and then creating an ad for it.  Eventually, and if we have time left in the year, we will be doing an Oral presentation component of the assignment:

On this sheet, there are some more examples of persuasive words to help in the selling/presenting of the product.  I have also taken out several example of ads for the students to see how some of the elements of advertising (some of the checked item on the list) work.

This part of the project is based on an idea inspired from a book I have used on Media Literacy.  In terms of creating an media product, the following elements must be taken into consideration:

So, a student should look back at the booklet they should have been working on to think about how they could take his or her rough sketch and begin to add in some of these elements.  Here is an idea in need of some development:

In Mathematics, the Grade 7s are close to the end of the unit in Geometry.  There are a couple of students who are still having some difficulty and will be provided with another opportunity to improve their standing.  The :) faces are highlighted for the students to pay attention.

For the Grade 8s, they are coming to an end of a challenging unit on Probability.  We are now dealing with doing experiments where we have two separate events -- known as Independent Events.  Here is an image that I will further explain:

The coin is one event and has two outcomes:  Heads or Tails (1/2)
Using the 4 coloured spinner is the other.  Red, Blue, Green, Yellow (1/4)

When using a Tree Diagram, you can see that there are 8 possible outcomes, if you were to conduct an experiment:  HG, HB, HY, HR, TG, TB, TY, TR.  If I selected HG (Heads + Green) as my favourable outcome, I would have a 1/8 Theoretical chance of getting that when I roll the dice and spin the spinner.

We have been working on those experiments, in class.  I will use Megan's as an example.  She has the idea correct and just needs to add a few closing details.

Megan has correctly set up her tree chart and listed all the possibilities for her 6 sided spinner and 6 sided die (6 x 6 = 36 possible outcomes).  If her favourable outcome was rolling a 6 and spinning a blue, it theoretically should come up 1/36 times or 2.8% of the time.  

Megan decided she would spin the spinner and roll the die 36 times.  She recorded her results.  As you can see from my comments, she needs to tally her results so she can determine the Experimental Probability results
 In a more controlled situation, I would have encouraged her to do it at least 72 times!.  
In the 36 spins, Blue + 6 came up 2/36 times or 5.6% of the time.

2 independent events:  coin flipping + die rolling
The final test for Probability will likely be this week.
Possibly to be continued or updated before Monday.
If not, enjoy your weekend.


Written portion of Food assignment, due on Monday
Grade 8 Grad lunch"  $20:  due on Monday

I have only received these from:
Heather, A.J., Drile, Eva, Lisa, Mattai, and Dylan.  13 are outstanding.

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