Monday, June 15, 2015

WEDNESDAY UPDATES: Last Math test for the 8s and pulling things together


I sensed that the last couple of weeks would feel very long.
As you may have heard, Report Card grades will go out in mid July.

I am still in the process of grading the final Media/Art and Writing assignment and finalizing my marks for the subjects I teach.  Even though I have submitted the marks to the office, I will be updating some, based on the last minute efforts by some of the students.

The moments leading up to the end of the year are always tricky.  You want to celebrate the end of a long year, but you also want to squeeze every last ounce of effort and creativity out of them.  For some students, they are still driven to succeed, while others have simply lost  the desire to learn.  In the coming days, the blog posts may decrease as we ease out of the formal assignments and traditional curriculum.

It is my hope to return to the Strength Based Resilience project.  This was a project that did not get off the ground this year.  The disjointed schedule made it very difficult to accomplish.  This is unfortunate because it is such a great project.  Over the coming days, I will return to select sections of the project and pass on some knowledge and insight.



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