Thursday, June 25, 2015

Last Day of School

I sensed that the posts would slow down.
I will post a series of pictures, with limited commentary, as the final 2 hours and a bit of Grade 7 & 8 to come to an end.

This is the final display, which has been now taken down, of the Media/Art/ Writing assignment where the students had to create a Food item to sell.

A number of students failed to complete 1 or more of the components of the assignment, which ended up effecting their final grade.

 A few photos from graduation, on Tuesday night.

The modified report cards will be sent out of the school and should arrive at home on the week of July 13th.   The homework chart will be wiped clean for 2015-2016.

Once the classroom is packed away, I will post up my last photo.  Here is one of the lead up shots -- which has become an annual staple of my end of year blogging -- for the year end routine from Room 52.  Have a safe and relaxing summer.  

Final Moments of the year

The End

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