Sunday, May 31, 2015

Government ups the ante on E-cigarette use, Katie's Krops, Grade 8 Math test notes, "Food Process"

Last month our class was looking at the rising use of Electronic cigarette use in the province.  There have been some new regulations in the province now.  Here is the link to the story, along with a shot of the web page where the story came from:

As I mark some of the essay work for The Starfish Throwers documentary, I decided I would post the link to one of the characters in the documentary.

On the Grade 8 Math test on Friday, instructions were given about reducing the fractions to the lowest term.  This was something we practiced in class in small groups.  As part of the review of the most recent test, we will look at this:

The results:
We are walking through the questions, as a group.  Completing Rewrites is an option for any grade below 50%

Finally, I have completed the Progress Reports (my own creation), which I spoke about two to three weeks ago.

As we prepare to wind down the school year, the last main Language assignment for the year, I have been thinking of ways to help the students understand how the "Food" assignment works. While there is a bulletin board in the back of the room with the requirements of the assignment, I have also produced this poster, which I will review today:

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