Saturday, January 31, 2015

Working around a Concluding Sentence

There is another photo to add to give you a closer look at this exercise, buy this task involved working and thinking backwards.
The students were given a series of concluding sentences and had to select one.  From there, they had to brainstorm and think of a topic sentence and developing sentences for it to make sense.

Samples of paragraph development using only the concluding sentences

Some descriptive feedback

For the Grade 7s, I used the Virtual Geoboard link to demonstrate how the formula for an area of a trinagle works.

Here are a couple of visuals that may help explain this.  I did not mean to change the way the triangle was oriented, but I clicked Reset and had to start from scratch.

For the rectangle

For the triangle

2 handouts that went home:

Drake Dance - A- Thon fundraiser

Snack Program for February


No formal homework was assigned, but all students have been informed that an X on the Homework tracking chart indicates that work has not been done and in need of completion.

Time has been provided in class for this to get done.  Many students have used the time to catch up, but some have not and will have to deal with the consequences.

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