Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Retest in Math for the 8s, advocating for marks....

I have always maintained that if a group of students do poorly on a test, the majority of the responsibility rests with the teacher; that would be me.

I gave the Grade 8s a Math test relating to the Circumference of a circle.  The test is work at the Grade 8 level.  The students had accommodations:  they could use a Study Sheet, their notebook, and allowed to look at the formulas jotted down on the board.  Still, a number of them did not do well.  So, I took it upon myself to go through the test and re-teach some of the concepts that may have been over-whelming to them.

The test was reviewed today and the students were able to ask questions about the test.

This screenshot, from the Promethean Board, has the "magic triangle" formula for calculating the different aspects relating to the circumference of a circle.  A students also requested that the parts of the triangle be written in a sentence form to make more sense for her.

UPDATE #1:  

a) There were a couple of students who did have some success with this challenging Math test.
Good job fellas.  I am sure there will be some improvement on tomorrow's test.

b)  In terms of the Grade 7s:
Good work, Grade 7s.

**UPDATE #2**
Two students approached me about their marks on the sentence collage.  As a result, one of the marks was increased.  I think it is important that students pay attention to the work they get back from me to help them understand the good, the bad, and the in between.  It could also result in advocating for a higher mark!!

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