Monday, January 12, 2015

Grade 8s at work on a Monday morning

Some class members handed in Rewrites to gain some marks back from the Math test from last week.  I will be looking at them and hoping that all of the students gain some understanding and some marks back.  The next topic will see the students still looking at circles, but we will now focus on the area of a circle.  
Even though we are approaching the half way point in the year, I thought it would never be to late to work on some technical work in the Language curriculum.  For a number of students, the word "pelling conjures up a number of bad memories, but I think there is value in some of the exercises out there.  For the first unit, I used a collection of words misspelled by the students and couple of traditional dictionary and sentence writing exercises.

The Math unit for the 7s is now looking at area and, eventually, the area of rectangular prisms.  For now, a review of square units and a slow introduction to the formula (for the area of a rectangle) is in order.  
For both the 7s and 8s, I suggest a daily review of the Math work, in addition to the homework assigned, to help them understand the work a little more.  If there are questions, please see Mr. Proudfoot.

Have a good evening.

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