Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tunnel Boring Machine update, collective Math work, preparing for a Reading Response

Just an update on an interesting statistic about this project.  It bores through the ground at a rate of 
10 metres/day.  Comparing this to driving on a road, it equals to 42cm/hr!!  If my calculations are correct.

Both grades were at work today in preparation for an upcoming Algebra (Grade8s) and Measurement test (Grade 7s).  Here a few shots of the work:

Group 1:  Grade 7

Group 2 with Group 3 about to begin:  Grade 7

Preceding 3 shots of Grade 8 work

I am assigning a Reading Response for the students to do.  As I typically try to do, I am modelling one based on the following article:

When I was showing the students my response, I noticed a few errors in it and used the opportunity to remind them that they should take a look at  their work before handing it in.

After reading my response, I think it is just "okay."  Had I followed the Success Criteria, posted in class, I believe I could have done a better job.  Here is that chart:

I added a link to a CBC news story.  This is for the Relate part of the response where the reader attempts to make connections with what is being read. Using video can make the article seem more real and alive in the "real world."

The second unit of Spelling was given out today.  The words were considerably more challenging than the last Unit.  The words were taken from the Strength Based Resilency manual that we will be beginning in the second term. Here is a list of instructions and words.  This work is due on Friday.


Reading Response from 24 newspaper due on Thursday
Grade 8 Study Sheet due tomorrow for upcoming Algebra test
Paragraph quiz on Wednesday
Spelling work and final dictation due on Friday

By A.J. and Mr. P

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