Monday, January 5, 2015

Collage project feedback, final deadline for Ideal Society project

Below is an image taken from a marking sheet from the recently completed Sentence Collage project.  I handed back the grades along with some feedback.  The feedback is meant to guide the students to help them understand what they did correctly and incorrectly, so they can improve the next time around.

Here are the Level 3 + (and higher) students for this exercise:

Those Ideal Society projects are due!!  The deadline was before the holiday, but I will allow time for it to be done by Wednesday.

Once again, here is the Success Criteria for the assignment.  A complete guide and sample poster has been set up in the classroom for the students to see and ask questions about.

As an extension to our reading of The Giver, we are watching the movie Pleasantville.  It is a PG movie, with a few scenes I am fast forwarding through, but the film is excellent and had a lot of conceptual links and themes with Lois Lowry's book.

Here is the trailer:

 Happy New Year and have a good evening.

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