Friday, January 9, 2015

Giving context to weekend Reading homework

We are going to be looking at an article that was originally published in the Fall in the great publication, What in the World.  Given the recent events in some parts of the world, I thought it was important to look an article about the growth of a radical form of Islam in the world.

Before doing so, I took a screenshot of the Wikipedia page on Islam.  I will show this before presenting the article.  The page is originally from:

The idea for discussing matters relating to Terrorism first cam from Savannah, a very curious student, and I wanted to follow up on this.  At the same time, I want to ensure that students do not get a jaded view of Islam and see it as something directly linked to acts of Terrorism.

I am going to make reference to a couple of articles online relating to issues relating to Islamophobia:
this article is from 2010

Here is another story:

Some brief Reading questions will be given to assess the students' understanding of the article.  For homework, I suggest re-reading the article.  The Level 1 for What in the World is between Grade 5 to 7.

As for the Math investigations, some groups and individuals are almost done or done.  For the responses, I have jotted some notes and observations for the students:

work with feedback

Some Grade 7s getting a start on the Math homework:

This homework (both on the sheet and some work in the notebook) is due on Monday.

The Grade 8s received the results of the second circumferences test.  There were notable improvements.  I have provided the opportunity for students do do Rewrites for Monday.  Time was provided, in class today, to ask questions about the test.

There are some Grade 7s who also have an opportunity to complete Rewrites for a test completed, at the end of December,

Have a restful weekend, if you are not working.

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