Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Game Reviews for Friday's Quiz

Grade 7


I think the first one will prove to be quite popular to review.  It seems to follow through the progression we took in learning about area.  It will probably come in handy for the final test of the unit next week.

This is a page we looked at before.  Like the link above, I believe it will serve as an excellent review for understanding the area and perimeter of a rectangles.

A video from yesterday's Math work on the Promethean Board:

Grade 8

taken from

This is not so much a game, but a demonstration of how you can manipulate the area of a circle by changing the radius.  It breaks down the formula into steps you can see right in front of you.  It also has a feature where you are able to round the numbers to a particular decimal point.

This is more of a fun game to test your understanding of how you use the formula.  I suggest getting a calculator to assist you in figuring out the answers.

This is a sharp review tool to use to calculate the area of a circle.  It may require you to pay attention to the information given.  Is the measurement for the radius or a diameter?

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