Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Remembrance Day Assembly, Open Book Math test, Reading Response

From the Telegraph in the UK:

For more information on this photo from the London Tower, please see:  

A morning shot from our assembly

I decided to make the Math test on Monday (today for the Grade 8s) an Open Book test.  This is one of the accommodations I will allow for certain tests.  If the students have been doing their homework, and reviewing, they should have a confident grasp of the material based on the work in their notebooks.

I also provided some reminders for them:

The test only had 4 questions on it.  I will be giving a second test and then taking the higher of the 2 results.  We will take up the first test before doing the second one.  

I am going to encourage the students to pay attention to the group Math work that we did the other day.  It is posted up in the rear of the class with my feedback attached to it.

Detailed group work on the stuff the test is on!
The students are working on a reading response from an article in the Toronto free daily paper, 24.  Here is a copy of the cover from November 7 (Friday).

The electronic link for it is here:  http://eedition.toronto.24hrs.ca/epaper/viewer.aspx

To assist the students, I posted an Reading Response for the article they read on the Ebola virus.

There are some comprehension questions attached to the article.  We will go through them and then look at effective strategies for how to answer reading comprehension questions.
The Grade 7 Reading Response is due on Wednesday and the Grade 8 one is due on Thursday.

If you have not already forwarded your preferred time for an interview on Thursday evening or Friday morning, please do so.  I will do my best to accommodate any special times or days that you may need if you are unable to make it in the designated time slot.

Progress Reports are going home this afternoon. 

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