Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Square Footage (sorry, it is not metric)

For Grade 7 Math, I thought I would continue our introduction to Area and Perimeter by doing a fun activity.

Here are some measurements for a condo development on St. Clair.  The area is measured in square feet.

A square foot is the standard unit of measure for developing a floor plan.

For this building, the floor plan I will use as an example if 444square feet.  Here is what the plan looks like:

To begin our journey on matters relating to area, you will be designing a floor plan for your own condo!  You will be using 1 cm grid paper (metric measurement).  You will be planning out your living space with the necessary items that you believe are important.  Afterwards, you will calculate the total area (in centimetres squared) of your space.

Here is a rushed example, done by Mr. Proudfoot to help illustrate what you will do.  Your finished floor plan may be coloured to personalize your space. 

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