Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Election Results for Student Council Class Representatives, trip to Western Tech, Sentence collage, and Advertising Tour

I was very proud of these two students for the work they did in preparing for our class election yesterday; great job!

Congratulations to all of the students who demonstrated a level of courage and risk to speak in front of the class yesterday.

The Grade 8s will be off to a tour of Western Tech this afternoon.  This will be the first of several visits to some of the local high schools the students may attend.  Even if your son or daughter does not plan to attend that school, it is kind of eye opening to see what the world inside a secondary school looks like.  A trip to Parkdale Collegiate is planned for Thursday morning.

As the 8s are out, the 7s will begin working on a Sentence collage that doubles as a small Art project.  Here is the outline of the assignment I showed them this morning:

My example is included here (and posted in the class) along with a handout that the students have on the three types of sentences expected in this assignment.

The other activity we began was the Advertising Tour based on advertisements posted around the room.  To help the students with this, I am going to demonstrate a couple of examples.  Here is the first one.

We won't start the "tour" of the ads posted in the room until I review the one to the left and model another response for the students to see.

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