Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Corrected location of comma, visit to Central Tech, classroom Advertising Tour

While reviewing this example of the Sentence Collage for the students, I noticed that I misplaced the location of the comma. I corrected it.  It is supposed to be located before the conjunction.

The Grade 8s went on a trip to Central Tech today. I did not take photos during the visit, even though there was so much to see.  There is an information session, for families, on Wednesday, December 6.  Here is the flyer:

Flyer sent home today.  Family members 5-8 may attend!
Outside the front doors of the fabled Central Technical School
I have always believed that this school offers a HUGE variety of options and programs for students who are interested in many pathways (Culinary, Electrical, Academic, Applied...to name a few).

Yesterday, we got a head start on the Media Literacy project by doing a walking tour of the print advertisements in the classroom.  Here are some photos from the exercise:

Applying some of the lessons learned from this exercise to the next stage of the Media project on creating an Ideal Society will be our next objective.

Both the grades are embarking on new units in Math.  The 7s will be looking at the Area, Volume, and Surface Area of Rectangles and Rectangular Prisms (look at that, I capitalized all of them... such great respect).  The 8s will be looking at the area and perimeter of a circle.  Both concepts are Grade appropriate, albeit with reduced expectations.  I am pleased to say that most of the students, with the required accommodations, have been able to tackle the work we have been doing in class which has been at Grade level!

To those students who have been experiencing difficulty, I will be modifying the final evaluation from them and shifting the Grade level on the IEP (Individual Education Plan).

Have a good evening. 

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