Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fractions game links, a Preview of future work on Neuroplasticity and Learning **LINK updated**

In December, I will beginning a project I once did with my former class.  It is known as the Strength Based Resilience project.  This morning, I attended a workshop at Riverdale C.I. that coached some of the facilitators who will be running the project.  One of the keystones of this project is the idea that the brain is capable of changing. This is known as the Science of Neuroplasticity.  We watched an interesting video on this from YouTube:

Diego and Megan mentioned that it had taken some time to learn their multiplication tables.  Learning them is much the same way illustrated in this video.

To be continued.

In the realm of Math, we are probably at the most challenging juncture of what we have learned so far.  In terms of reducing fractions to the lowest term, or simplest form, as it is written in other places, I found a couple of games that might be fun to review:

There are a couple of games that look at a review of Factors and Multiples:

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