Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Introducing the sentence collage, and prepping for the "B" Math test

This work of "art" is meant to be a review of the types of sentences we have looked at so far this year.  I rushed to demonstrate a very simple model of a Complex Sentence.  This is a sentence collage.  

The students will be provided with the materials and they will have to investigate and construct a Simple, Compound, and Complex sentence.   Here are some other samples of sentences that I might have used for this image of the car.

 I am not really a Mustang car fan, but this is the first picture I saw.
Because the car is moving fast, it makes me feel excited.

In addition to the newspaper, the students may have access to old magazines.  

(The highlighting portion of this blog is inconsistent.  I hope the message is clear.  I was trying to demonstrate the three types of sentences by using different colours).

Below is the most recent answer sheet for a fraction test.  Here are the answers to the questions.  The test was an open book one.  

 Here are the list of students who scored over 70%, or a Level 3 or higher result.

The answers were available for the students to check.  I was pleased to see that some students understood what they did wrong.   In a few other cases, it seemed as though the students did not actively reflect and think about why they struggled on the test.  As  a result, they may struggle tomorrow on the Part B portion of the test.  

As a teacher, I struggle with modifying the level of work I teach.  Based on the IEP, some students should be working at a lower level.  I also believe that students are capable of working at a higher level with the right level of support.  I would like to believe I offer this support in class and it may take a little extra push with some review at home.  

It seems as though some students are struggling with this work.  There were some students who failed and some who scored a 0.  I am in a bit of an ethical quandary:  I would like to believe that students can do work approaching Grade level, but it is also important to recognize that students may need modifications and may need to work at another grade level.


Fraction test tomorrow (B part to test)
Student Council Class Rep election speeches (for interested candidates) presented on Monday
Reading Responses (24 newspaper):  due tomorrow (for 7s and 8s)
Review Day 5 (7x table) of JUMP Math Multiplication exercise (final test on Monday for multiplication:  the quizzes we have been doing have been for practice and not marks)

I am going to modify the test because it seems as though the Math may be too difficult.

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