Sunday, January 8, 2017

Welcome Back!

The first few days after a vacation are a little slow, but we will be back and running (or at least jogging) soon enough.  I made a list of a few things I wanted to share, but I was waiting for this weekend to share them.

Yes, the new tap in the third-floor staff washroom has been replaced.  It was leaking at a rate that astounded a lot of students in the class.  I believe it was approximately 110 mL a minute, which converted to 6.6 litres every hour.  To give you an idea of the kind of container 6 L of water would hold, here is an example:
Here is the January school calendar:

I will post one on the Proudfoot Institute page, in case you would like to download it.  
Another opportunity for  the creative types in our class:

Although there were a number of people who did well on this last Math test, I wanted to review some of the concepts and provide the class another opportunity to do it.  I would keep the higher of the 2 results.  I am going to review the last test tomorrow:

As we head into the final weeks of Term 1, there will be some work that needs to be completed.  A number of students have not handed in the final copies of the Social Studies project, and a rough copy of the Health assignment.  This assignment related to our discussion on the dangers of Stereotyping.  I wrote a draft paragraph on my experience with being stereotyped.  In an earlier post, I wrote about why I thought it was wrong.

One of the items I marked during this time was the Reading Comprehension open-book test on food waste.  One of the questions related to Feedbacks's project of Feeding the 5000.

As we settle into our routines, I am sure we will all get back in gear.  Enjoy your evening.