Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Ads, Heroes, and BEDMAS

Biodiversity Hero:

Before proceeding with our hero creation, I wanted to make sure the students were caught up with what they needed to do before proceeding:

A Success Criteria will be developed to keep everyone on track.

Ad tour:

Four stations were set up in the room with examples of print advertisements.  We are working with the big idea of Media being a social construct.  This, in fact, is one of the key concepts of Media Literacy (http://mediasmarts.ca/digital-media-literacy/general-information/digital-media-literacy-fundamentals/media-literacy-fundamentals). 
While the ads we used were mostly from magazines,  we began to look at some of the ways they were put together.  To model the exercise, I used two examples.  The rest of the images are from members of the class.

Sometimes I post things on the class but do not get to them.  About a week ago, I posted the story of the late John Glenn, the Astronaut.  The narrative was told by National Geographic.  We then contrasted this "construction" with another video that explained the contributions of some of the women who were portrayed in the movie Hidden Figures.

Magic Triangles:

We watched the video on how these items worked.   Again, another old post item.  I also wanted to explain to the students how these formulas work using the rules governing the Order of Operations.
While I am certain that this is not in the Grade 6 Curriculum, it will be part of the Grade 7 program in the Number Sense strand.

There is an order to things when solving Math questions:
An example...probably something you will see in Grade 7 or 8:


Okay...let's stay on topic!  For our purposes, the Order of Operations will look like this:

I created the Magic Triangles, in relation to the area of a Triangle, on my own.  I just worked backward to figure out the steps.  Depending on what is easier, you may prefer one way over the other.


Complete old Math test on Area of a Triangle
Outstanding HW leading up to the end of Term 2

Have a good evening.