Thursday, January 19, 2017

Setting the context for a jot note exercise (postponed until Monday)


While listening to Metro Morning on the CBC, I got a great idea for a lesson.  Matt Galloway's guest was Dr. Shohini Ghose.  She is a professor of Physics and Computer Science at Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario.  She was talking about the special screening they are having of the film, Hidden Figures at Ryerson University

We will listen to the conversation and then take a look at the trailer and then glance at an article from Popular Mechanics.

Here is the Popular Mechanics story that explores the role of women at NASA
This article will serve as a reading for this weekend.  You will be responsible for taking jot notes from it.

Jot notes?  Here is a sample from a TDSB publication on strategies for improving Middle Level Students' Reading and Writing skills.  Here is an example of jot notes made from a short article:

Math Homework:

pp. 348-349 #2, 7, 8  (only do the conversion for perimeter, not for area)
pp. 353-354 # 1, 3-7

Some photos:
On her own initiative, Miriam did a presentation on Autism.  She did a great job educating the class!

A moment from Gym
A moment from out Orff/Music class
You asked for it and it is here; a new seating plan.

The questions to be completed are:
pp. 348-349 #2 (only do the conversion for the perimeter answers),7, 8
pp. 353 - 354 #1, 3-7

Bring in two samples of advertising.  As an added bonus, bring in an example which illustrates a stereotype.  For example:

Perhaps this image may suggest that only boys enjoy playing with a Tonka truck in the dirt.