Thursday, January 26, 2017

Mr. Williams visits, Math HW from today & Homework reminder

Mr. Williams, one of our Grade 7/8 teachers at Dovercourt, paid us a visit.  I asked him to pop in and talk a little bit about the opportunities at our school, knowing some students were looking elsewhere 
--to use a term from The Giver -- for new scholastic opportunities in the 2017-2018 year.

They were a very attentive audience and had a lot of questions.  Some of the students were at a Volleyball tournament and missed out but they will have an opportunity to dialogue with Mr. Williams in the near future.

Homework answers from Wednesday's Math homework:


Short open-book comma quiz

Any homework that has not been handed in, that was on the Homework Board, at the front of the classroom*

* One of the things Mr. Williams spoke about for the transition to Grade 7 was the ability of students to take more ownership of their learning.  I was glad to hear him say this since this is something I often talk about.