Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Some videos on this thing called "Media", Algebra & Pizza, Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences, Wellness Team visit

While we have been talking about different aspects of Media all term, it is possible that we have not stopped to clearly define what we mean by "Media."

Long Live Kids is a Canadian organization geared to developing healthy active living, developing Media Literacy skills, enhancing student Mental Wellness, and developing strategies for Bullying prevention In this short video, the organization explains the what is what of the Media.

Algebra:  In the real world and importance of balancing...

I was about to get into the language of Math for Algebra and drop some information about variables and such, when Chloe decided to ask how Algebra would be used in the real world, outside of school. Good point.

Since I love food, I have often used the ordering of Pizza as an example.  I will explain the technicalities of this in class, but I will use the menu from Pizza Gigi as an example:

Using the variables for toppings to set up an equation for ordering from Pizza Gigi!

I will think of some other connections between this topic and do a bit of research so I can supplement my response to Chloe's question; a very good question!

Here is an example of Algebra at work as we look at the formula for the area of a Triangle:

In this simple video, they use the word width for the BASE and length for the HEIGHT of the Triangle.  Still, in its simplicity, it explains what is going on with the formula for calculating the area of a triangle:

Math homework

Learning Styles/Multiple Intelligences:

As we move closer to understanding the diversity in how we learn, and how this relates to our Strengths, I thought I would share a couple of short, informative videos relating to both Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences.

Multiple Intelligences:

Learning Styles:

Visit for Wellness Team:  

The idea behind this exercise is to write a statement about something you like or love about yourself.  In order to develop a sense of well-being, it is important to recognize something we are good at. 

For example, I mentioned that I loved the fact that I have been running since Grade 4.  This allows me to recognize an activity that is good for my body and my mind.  It also acknowledges a certain level of persistence and dedication to an activity for almost 4 decades!