Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Math HW, highlighting and returning to the lessons from "Hidden Figures"

Wellness Committee @ Dovercourt:

The Wellness Committee introduces the key principles to the school.  
Members of the committee came in to lead a circle in the class where we looked at the two prompts, written below.

Many members of the class took turns to share some of their insights and feelings.  This is one of the aims of the school committee:  to get people talking about how they feel and realizing that they are not alone.

More information to come.

Math Homework:

Homework is checked for completion.  This was work that was assigned from Friday.  A select set of questions were placed on the board for the students to check their work.  A number of students did not do this work.  Please check in with your son or daughter to see if this work was completed.  Doing homework helps reinforce some of the concepts we are learning in class.

last question!

Highlighting:  using the article on Hidden Figures


Many years ago, 14 to be accurate, I was given this great resource by our Family of Schools Literacy Coach.  Even something as simple as highlighting text was covered in this publication.  I was going to have students do some jot-noting tonight, but I thought I would review this important skill.

Here is the sample text, which goes with the page on jot notes.  It contains some sample highlights:

Tonight's homework requires students to re-read the article on the film Hidden Figures and highlight the important points.  I will also do this and then we can compare and discuss what we considered to be important.

Initially, I was going to have the students make some jot notes on the article, and eventually write a summary, but I have changed my mind.  I may look for another article on the same subject matter.

Here are two videos relating to the article:

Some information on Katherine Johnson:

Me to We:  Backpacks for Malawi...but do you know where Malawi is?


Homework(use your agenda to keep on top of your work!)

Open Book comma test (based on the rules we reviewed) involving a reading passage on Friday

Math Investigations need to be completed and handed in on Wednesday

Highlighting text from article on Hidden Figures