Tuesday, January 10, 2017

a couple of paragraph games for reinforcement, returning to the Eglinton Crosstown project for our Math Retest

I proposed playing this in late 2016, but did not get around to it.
I think it will be a good review to help contextualize what we are doing in Health and in our Reading strand.

The two teams in action:

Sometimes, students struggle with how to end a paragraph.  Yes, we have the hamburger visual,

but it may need a little more to help you along and that is okay.  I will not play that paragraph song again, but I will show you another video for some reinforcement:

Somes trying to explain how the concluding sentences works, can be tricky.  It is similar to the topic sentence and has the same "material," but it should look and sound different.  Here is video, which may offer some insight:

A follow-up exercise, after checking the two videos was to add a concluding sentence to the following paragraph:

I edited this paragraph.  I thought the author had too many details that were off the topic sentence. I hope I have not offended the author.
I asked  the students to come up with possible concluding sentences.  Here are some of the ideas:

The Math re-test will use Eglinton Crosstown tunnel boring machine as a topic to explore one of the concepts of dividing and multiplying by Powers of Ten.  Let's take a look at the project and where the machine has been:  http://www.thecrosstown.ca/

For the Math re-test, I drew a visual reminder of the distance the boring machine has traveled.  A reminder of the two operations we have been exploring (multiplying & dividing) was also posted.

Forms for applying to the Extended French program were sent home in mid-December and need to be signed and returned, even if you are not going to enroll.  I think the TDSB wants to keep stats on the program.  I will be sending home additional forms, for those who may have lost them.  They look like this: