Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Updates to Book Talk Art, RPFF, Elementary Teachers of Toronto parent forum, King Henry word problems, Homework, goodnight, Dovercourt

Book Talk Art


This is the film being shown this Saturday at the RPFF, this Saturday morning.  If there are still tickets available, I would encourage you to attend.

Here is a group shot from the Daniels Spectrum lobby, where the screenings took place:

ETT: Parent/Guardian info

Math:  jellybeans and Math problems

We will wrap up this Measurement unit soon and then close out the theme of working with decimals by a refresher on rounding decimals and multiplying by powers of ten.  This will happen after this week's test.  

I had forgotten to post 2 sample questions from the Homework sheet.  I posted them yesterday and walked through the answers.  These particular ones were not assigned.

Here is another homework question, which a number of students found difficult to begin.  It was number 6.  I think the language was tricky, so I broke down the phrase how many times for them.  The main thing to understand is that Milly wanted more than the 100g, which sells for $2.49.  I used this price, based on the licorice question, but thought it would make more sense if we used a "real life" scenario.)