Monday, November 21, 2016

Cooler weather, food waste, jelly beans, RPFF, New York Times exercise, Social Studies Inquiry...

Photographed, just before the heavier snow started on Sunday.
Please make sure you dress appropriately for the cooler weather!

Food waste:  will be postponed for a few days
This article relates to an article from What in the World, which was handed out for homework reading on Thursday.  Although I admit I have a bias for the CBC, here is a connection to the preceding news story from YouTube:

Perhaps, after reading through the article, we may watch a longer investigation on this matter:

Jellybean Math

One more note on this.  I managed to rummage around the house to look for some weights that totaled 4646g.  I managed to find a couple of hand weights and put them in a bag and had it passed around the class to see how much 4 and a half kilograms weigh:

On the Walmart website, I found that the cost of jellybeans to be 1 cent/gram, but a Bulk Barn flyer came in my newspaper this weekend and I found out this cost:

I think we will use this statistic for calculating a Math problem.

To be continued.

Regent Park Film Festival (RPFF): 

Pre-screening questions

As a member of the Education Committee for the RPFF, I know there were a lot of volunteers who put in countless hours watching, critiquing and developing lesson plans for the festival.  We will spend a little time looking at some of these questions and then spend some time on Wednesday, looking at the post-viewing questions.

New York Times:  What is going on....
I suggested this format to set up answering the questions.  This may help to organize your thoughts more.  
This is due on Thursday morning if it is not already done.

Social Studies:  moving along in the Inquiry

The students are at different stages of this research process.  All of them should be completed the Exploring stage and received feedback from me.  As we move to the next phase, if sort of adds another layer to what has already been done.

This image has already been posted, but I think it is worth showing again.  The information you pulled from the Exploring stage is still used, but now you are starting -- or should have started -- to find information on your particular community.

The Processing stage is where I will be at, shortly.  I have some information (pictured on the board) and I need to read it and begin to make sense of it.  I will do this by taking down some jot notes, which should help me understand my Inquiry a lot more.

I will not comment on the Creating stage, since I haven;t even started my reading yet!