Friday, November 11, 2016

Inquiry research: Stage 2 and some notes on discrimination, classroom makeover, and homework

I made some revisions to the Investigating portion of the Inquiry.  In this phase, you have to do some thinking about the design you are thinking about for sharing the information & research from your project.

Unlike the first part, where you may have done some brainstorming and interviewed someone, you will be adding a research component to it.  I posted a series of links that might help some of you get started:

In this phase, you will be going a little deeper in thought.  This may mean that you have to re-interview a family member.  It will also mean that you do some research from the public library, our school library, or the internet.

I aimed to redesign the graphic below to make it clearer for some of you.  The note on the side is to remind you that you have some of this research done or should have.  Don't be freaked out, this project is not intended to be long!!

One of the sections for the Inquiry concerns the issue of discrimination. I used the definition from the Ontario Human Rights Commission (  I summarized it and posted it on the word wall:

All communities, regardless of background, I am sure, have encountered some form of hardship or discrimination.  Discrimination is wrong, but it is very real.  According to, discrimination may happen based on the following list:

As you think about the section on discrimination in your Inquiry, be sure to ask yourself and the person(s) you research, if they have ever encountered it on any of the 16 items listed.

The next section of this project will be due on November 21.  There will be more time in class for research, but please feel free to continue with your research.   The next time you go to the Library, Ms. Ling will provide you with an access card for the TDSB Virtual Library.  Here are some of the cool features of it:

Class makeover

Second portion of Inquiry due on November 21
Booktalk art due on November 16
Final groups of Booktalkers will be presenting next week