Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Post Halloween some important reminders, Learning Skills journal, learning in Orff

David was the winner of our class Jack O'Lantern.  I hope that David, the rest of the class, and the pumpkin enjoyed a pleasant evening of Trick or Treating.

Learning Skills Journal:

This was  the next phase of looking at the Learning Skills and Work Habits section of the Progress Report/Report Card.  Each student had a blank copy of this page and did a self-assessment, which I will include on this page of the Progress Report.  This is just a sample I did with them to give them a sense of direction.  

They had this chart, which has been up, to help guide them through some of the complex language in Learning Skills/Work Habits page:

Orff:  Making progress

It has taken a while, but the class is now growing into an enthusiastic mass of participants!  In the process, I am learning a thing or two about music.


- November 8 is the day for the sight and sound testing (ears and eyes) at a cost of $10.
- Thursday will be the last day to work on your Book Talks in class/the Library with Mr. Proudfoot and Ms. Ling...presentations begin the week of November 7 [this has been on the Homework board]
- Tomorrow:  Math test on Composite Numbers, Prime Numbers, Factors and Factor Trees

Final Review of concepts for tomorrow