Wednesday, November 23, 2016

RPFF journal questions, preparing for next week's Math test, a typing/keyboarding game, and the Green Thumbs of Room 28

RPFF Journal questions:

2 King Henry Word Problems:  

The answers for the word problems for the King Henry Math were posted in class, for the students to check, but it is possible that seeing an answer may not explain the steps involved in completing the question.

Selihom and I worked on this together:

I did this after school.  All of the problem-solving questions from this sheet have been posted on the blog.  The other answers may be from yesterday or the day before.


Time was provided in class to work on the Math Study Sheet.  I encouraged them to work together or ask me for guidance and clarification.

The New York Times exercise is due tomorrow, along with the 2 questions from our visit to the RPFF.

Typing Game:  Alexander's suggestion

A number of students are in need of keyboarding skills.  There are a number of games out there and can be found out by Googling the topic.  Alexander pointed out a really good game to work on typing skills:

Thanks to the plant helpers of Room 28, who have given a couple of the classroom plants a much-needed trim.

22 years old!

19 years old!