Thursday, November 10, 2016

A visit from a Peacekeeper, Book Talks begin, Jahmarian's observations, Kylo Ren's billion millimetre punishment, Math homework

I will organize this post a little more, with time.

Jahmarian's Observations

Gerry O'Pray, UN Peacekeeper & Canadian Veteran's visit and talk to Dovercourt PS

Mr. O'Prey displays the flag he designed in the mid 1960s, when the  new design for the Canadian flag was being negotiated.

Mr. O'Prey spoke with the Grade 4-8 about this adventures and lessons in peacekeeping for the UN.   His travels took him from The Democratic Republic of the Congo to Egypt. 

Booktalks begin:

A group of 4 students presented today and 4 more are scheduled for Friday.  We will draw the names for the second group of 8 on Friday (tomorrow).  An accompanying work of Art (a video, painting, a drawing/sketch...) should be completed for each Booktalk).  For the first group, this Art will be due on November 14.

Kylo Ren's punishment: an excuse to use Star Wars to link to our Measurement unit

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In terms of some of our review work for Measurement, we had the work put on the board.  This encourages students to review what they did -- or did not do -- and make corrections.