Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Success Criteria for Book Talk, 1 kilometre walk and prep for the 1k run, post US election journal response

Book Talk

This is the list of items we generated from the assignment sheet for the Book Talk.

Use this, as a guide, when preparing for your presentation.  Your presentation will be marked, according to this list.

1 kilometre walk

It took 15 minutes to walk 1 kilometre.  We began in front of the school and walked  south to Hallam and west on Dufferin, and then south to the south-east corner of Bloor and Dufferin.

This was the North East corner.  We were shy 10m of our goal of 1000m

Arriving back at Dovercourt, still 1000m or 1 km away
Since we will be running the 1 km or 1000m in Gym, let's take a look at some records:

This is also interesting, let's look at the "International Age Records" for the 1000m race:

Post US Election Journal