Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Terry Fox Run at Dovercourt, Teamwork skills with Grade 6 Math, Goal Setting diagnostic writing

As I do some preparations for tomorrow's Curriculum Night, I will keep the commentary to a minimum with today's post.

It was great to see groups of students working together to take aim at a series of word problems around the multiplication skills we have been working on.  At this point, all of the students seem to be having a measure of success using the Lattice approach.  I think that this approach, along with developing and reinforcing the skills of 1-10 multiplication, is developing a sense of competence for the students, which will be a key for exploring other avenues in Math.

The questions now are at the Grade 6 level and we are now tapping into some other aspects of the Number Sense curriculum by multiplying with a decimal point (to 1 decimal place) and even flirted with a Grade 8 expectation when we looked at the issue of sales tax.

Terry Fox Run/Walk: 6A photos

The 3 MCs have been working for a couple of weeks preparing for the big day!

 Goal Setting Diagnostic

A Success Criteria chart for the diagnostic writing

Posted in the class, this is an example of my jot notes and the first draft of my writing.  I also posted it, below.

 This is the type of work I want the students to do in the class.  I do not want them to have help with this -- aside from some peer feedback -- so I can assess their writing abilities and focus in on the areas where the students  need help.


Some students are getting in the habit of writing the work down in the agenda.
Complete Reading Response, if you haven't done it already
Open Book Sentence quiz on Friday (on the types we have been looking at)