Wednesday, September 7, 2016

NYT group exercise: Inferencing & Observing and some Homework items

The New York Times exercise will be explored today and we will do them in small groups.  The formal, weekly activities, will begin on September 12 for the 2016-2017 school year, but we will use an older image to flex our inferencing skills.

The first word on our Word Wall

First, a short YouTube video:

Some of the Reading exercises you will do this year will involve you using and developing your observations AND your inferencing skills.  Here is another video that we will look at, before we begin the exercise.

Some of the students checking out the photo
Sean, making some inferences, based on his observations
Most of the Coat of Arms have been completed and will be put up:

I went over the Student Information sheet this afternoon.  It is an item for homework and will assist me in getting to know your son or daughter more.  At times, I like to do some samples of the work I assign. Here is a sample set of possible answers.  I let the students know they could use jot notes to answer the questions or write in sentences.

In case your were wondering, I am writing as if I was the student.
I sent home an introductory letter with some information on what the students will initially need for the classroom.  On the back of that letter, I printed off a schedule.    There is an information sheet that I sent home for you to fill in.  I will keep it for my records and use it, if I ever need to contact you.  Similarly, if you need to reach out to me, please contact me on my TDSB email:

- Student Information sheet
- complete TDSB forms (signatures) & Mr. Proudfoot contact sheet

What the sheets looked liked.
I originally had the date as Sept 07, 2015.  Any future letters will have the correct date on them.