Thursday, September 22, 2016

Leading to Reading Program @ Bloor/Gladstone TPL branch, Curiculum Night on Thursday, September 29, apostrophe use, taking a look at Complex sentences

This information was forwarded to me from Ms. Kramer.  There is a three page information package for this.  Please email me, if you have interest in this program.  IT IS FREE.

As I mentioned before, this was an error I notice on lots of writing over the years.  It has to do with not using the apostrophe correctly. 

The apostrophe often appears when there is an s tacked on to a word.

If Love was a person, then we could use the apostrophe correctly.
Here is a short video.  We will follow up with taking down a short note in our Language books.

In the group work on sentences, our aim was to practice writing Simple and Compound sentences.  A couple of the groups took shots at the Complex sentences; good for them!  To understand what makes a Complex sentence what it is, let us look at the components of a complex sentence:
The clause in bold is a dependent one; it needs the help of the Independent clause to make a Complex sentence.

The middle row of conjunctions are needed to make a Complex sentence.

Here are the two Complex Sentences created from last week:

Curriculum Night:
Thursday, September 29, 2016