Friday, September 23, 2016

Lattice approach for multiplying, Complex Sentence building

The Lattice method/approach for Multiplying

We had a test today on 1 digit x 1 digit multiplying.  I intentionally picked this approach to ensure that we could enter the Lattice approach to multiplying with more confidence.
Here are a couple of explanations for how this works, along with a graphic.

Here is a step-by-step approach for doing it:
I did hand out an explanation for the class, on the back of the homework, and did a couple of examples on the board.  If there are any questions, I can usually offer help after school.
For the test, I added some Grade 6 type questions. To challenge some students, I included questions with decimal points in them.  These questions will not be counted for marks, since I have not taught the class the correct method for doing these questions.  For some students, it may be just a matter of review.  On Monday, I will provide this handout to place in your Math notebook.  
Okay, let us take a listen to a video, which may help some of you:

Learning the three types of sentences will be the key for doing writing in all subject areas this year.  The groups worked on writing Complex sentences and, by the end of the day, we took a shot at a game of Jeopardy.

These were dependent clauses that the groups had to select and turn them into Complex sentences.

Our scorekeepers.
The link to the game can be found here:

I forget where I found this video, but used this list to do some Complex Sentence building.  Here is are the sentences the students generated.
Since she was late for school today, she rushed to get to her classroom. Since she was late for school today, she was marked late.  If you like anchovies on your pizza, you will like anchovies in your pasta.  When I go to my old elementary school, I still recognize my teachers.

After she travels to Europe, she will give us European candy.  Until we win the big game, she shouldn’t celebrate too early.  Until we win the big game, we should keep practicing.  While we are speeding down the interstate,  we were eating a McFlurry

A video of a question, while play Jeopardy.


Lattice Math sheet*

Have a nice weekend.
photo by Mark Arbus

If you happen to be away and check this blog, I think you
may be able to access this site I developed last year.

On the blog, you will see a link to the Proudfoot Institute link.  I believe you can log into it.  On the Assignments and Handout page, you will see a PDF version of the Lattice Math homework, which I think you can download.

Please try it and let me know.  This will be a great way to share files with home.