Monday, September 5, 2016

First Day Eve and some postings from the first day
 Welcome Back.  I am a little anxious, yet very excited about starting to teach at Dovercourt PS.

The room is ready to go, with a few adjustments to be made over the next few days.

That's me.  I am usually not in my photos, but I thought some of you may be wondering what I looked like.

The room is always different, once students come in and settle themselves for another journey. Have a great sleep!

First Day

Here is a link to an exercise we will visit, from time to time, throughout the year.  It comes from the online portion of the New York Times and relates to inferencing and some of the work we will be doing in the Reading strand of our Language Arts program.

While we did not get to the activity today, we will take a look at in on Tuesday. Here is the image, from the online activity from the New York Times:

This photo relates to a game of Truth and Lies, which we played today.  The students had to record one truthful statement and two lies. The key to the exercise, and all of the students picked up on it, was to have all of the statements sound possible, yet have only 1 be correct.

Since a number of students know each other quite well, I asked that the statements relate to something from the Summer of 2016.

In addition to reviewing some basic classroom routines -- which will continue all of this week and into next week, I imagine -- we got to work on designing some class coat of arms. It is an artistic way of expressing some personal interests and beliefs and helps decorate the classroom.  I posted up some old examples, some as far back as 2001, to help the students get started.

- complete colouring portion of coat of arms
-work on completing the Parent or Guardian signatures for forms sent home
- $5 for agenda

note from my son, Rhys & our read-a-loud novel