Monday, September 19, 2016

a few images from the Island School Outdoor Education experience, beginning our Goal writing exercise, and using the agenda to keep track of Homework

Island School

There are a lot of photos to organize and sort out, but I thought I would post up a few.  The trip was fantastic!

Goal Setting writing exercise

Brainstorming:  What do we know already?
This is an activity that should begin near the start of the year.  Now that our BIG trip for the Term has passed, we will begin to settle more into the world of curriculum.  This mini unit will happen over a few days.  To begin with, we will glance at a few visuals, to get our brains working around this important topic.

The idea of creating SMART goals will be explored in the coming days.  To assist with this exercise, we will be doing some brainstorming around what is important and narrowing in on what we want.  For homework, we will be looking at this planning sheet.

This is not due until Wednesday.  I would like your son or daughter to share it with you, so that you have a sense of what is important to them for this school year.
As we take this page to the next stage of writing, we will look at a story on Ashley Cowan, who is now 30 years of age, and a solo swimmer:

Olympic athlete, Laura Wilkinson, talks about the importance of having goals?
Who is she?

Fourteen years later, she discusses her preparation and how goals have provided her with a sense of direction.

I have put the class names on the homework chart and will begin to record items that have and have not been completed.  I post Homework on the front board and encourage students to use the agenda that they paid for.

Here  is what the Homework board, in the classroom, looks like today:

I won't post this everyday, but this gives you an idea of where reminders are posted in the classroom.


Community Circle sharing of Island School memories
Day 4:  JUMP Math Multiplication
Pathway/Goal Setting chart
any outstanding forms for the office