Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Playing with Appositives, update on Resource Math

Appositives are words or phrases which renames the noun or pronoun before it (taken from Writers Express, 1998).

This was one of the rules that had to be tracked down for the Comma Treasure Hunt/Collage.  I thought I would spend some more time with this -- and some more writing with commas -- and do some work in class.

Before beginning, I thought I would check out, and share, some ideas from a YouTube video:

Here is a screen shot from this video:
We have some more information about this cat.

We thought we should practice in class using the name of some of the students:

1. Write a SUBJECT
2. Create a PREDICATE (to describe what  the subject is doing or the state he or she is in)
3. Think of an APPOSITIVE

Put  them together:  Gavin, who is in Grade 7, was sleeping in class.

Here is a second example, using Jade's name.  Initially, it was incorrect.  The appositive was confused with the creation of a compound sentence, but then Ghalib came up with the idea of mentioning how old Jade was.

Nathaniel, creating the predicate for our subject, Jade.

Nathaniel, feeling creative, came up with an interesting idea for a sentence where the comma would be inserted and removed, to change the meaning.

The doctor is happy that there are no patients in the nurse's office.

The famous Dr, Who from the BBC.

I am not sure who this belongs to, but I appreciate being able to use it!

Sometimes, the use of the Protractor can be confusing.  Here is a screenshot, from a lesson on Monday:

So, we will use the skills of measuring angles, with the Art/Math work to reinforce our skills!


- Pink sheet on measuring angles
- 5 sentences, using appositives, in Language notebook

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