Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Homework Chart and some items in need of completion using student samples, Math, Coding, an update of the Starbucks' Barista, and a real life connection of the film "Welcome," and Homework

Homework and Outstanding work

A few weeks ago, there was a post of a blank looking Homework chart.  Over the past few weeks, it has filled up with some new work:

One of the items is the comma collage:

We will be working on a Media project that is based on an invention.  Here is a planning sheet from one of the students:

The book talk planning sheet was also due.  Here is a student sample:

At the bottom of Tony's planning sheet you will see some sketches.  This is the planning part for his Diorama.  What is a Diorama?  We looked at some examples from a group of students a few years ago, and we will now use this YouTube video as a bit of a reference.

I will not post the rest of the student samples for work that still needs to be completed.  I will list off the items on the Homework chart.  If you are a student, ask yourself if you have completed these things and then check the chart:


I have not posted about the work being done in Math for a while.  Mr. Chung came up with this creative project that had the students working with angles and designing shapes (from 3 up to 12 sides) inside a circle.  I will post some samples and then an example, done by me, to explain one possible approach to the project:

Coding Project

I added three links to the side of the page in the "Helpful Links" section on items relating to our coding project.  Our Model School's coach, Sarah Papoff, dropped in for a visit to hear about the progression of our ideas with our app development ideas.

 It is not  the clearest picture, but Sarah commented that she enjoyed our ideas.  The three links I was talking about relates to the more technical aspect of this project.  Actually, the 4 top links all relate with this project.

The X Code link is the actual coding language used to make iOS apps.  The other three links will allow the students the opportunities to play in the world of code on a developmentally appropriate level.

I plan to explore the sites on my own and provide some direction for the students when it comes time for exploring and creating.

The in-class work on the three apps may not get to the coding stage (before the ideas are presented in April), but this will allow the teams to develop some confidence and competence in the world of coding.

Update on Starbucks Barista

Last month I shared an inspiring video of Sam, the dancing Toronto Starbucks Barista. Tonny brought this video to my attention.  I found it to be very touching.

Fiction meets reality

At the end of our Geography unit, we watched the film Welcome about the Kurdish man, who was determined to swim the English Channel to be with his long lost love.

The Refugee camp in Calais, France is real and you can see some of the details here:

In one of the scenes, a group of Refugees attempts to cross the channel in the back of a truck.  The reality of this explored in a short radio documentary on CBC radio:

h o m e w o r k

The homework chart is the best place to see what it is you need to complete.  It is my intention to produce a note, to send home, to identify what work each student needs to complete.  My intention is that each student develop the skills to self-monitor and be aware of what it is they have to complete.  Each student is different, and that is okay, but I do believe that everyone is capable, to some degree, to figure out what they have not done.

As the Media/Advertising & Book Talk assignments are about to begin, it is very important that the initial planning sheets (posted in the earlier part of this entry) are completed, so I will list these as priority items:

- Hedonics Invention planning sheet
- Book Talk planning sheet
-Geometry Art due on Monday, February 29

There are a few other things which need to be completed, also.  They could be:

- Comma collage
- Reading Response
- Second paragraph
- History title page

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