Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Comma Collage & Treasure Hunt, Bilal's journey, App development and Swift coding for IOS devices, HPE project, and Term 1 Interviews

I have decided to put off the Comma Collage due date until Monday, February 8.  Even though this was discussed in class, an example is posted, I wanted to review it here.

This is a sample, with two rules.  Only one of the rules, #12, is on the list of 6.

 The rules I mentioned were part of a handout that the students have.
page 1

page 2
As I mentioned in an earlier post, this is for rule number 12 and 13.  For the students, they have to find it for rules 12, 16, 17, 18, 22, and 23.  This is a collage -- in whatever form you would like to create it.  Here is a Google page when I searched "collage images" .

The assignment is also a bit of a Treasure Hunt, in the sense that you have to look for examples of commas being used, according to the rules.  Why are we doing this???  I am seeing if you are able to recognize and understand how the comma works and then I hope to see you start using it in your writing.

UPDATE:  I reviewed the assignment in class on Thursday, answered some questions, and provided another example for the students to see. 

We are probably 30 minutes away from completing our viewing of Welcome.  Just to recap, Bilal, the film's protagonist made a 3000 km journey form the northern region of Iraq to Calais, France.

As I watch this film with the students, I can see how the plot line mirrors so many of the stories which were told in the Passport assignments.

In 7C, we returned to our discussion on Coding and did an exercise where we looked at how developers attempt to improve on a product that already exists.  As an example, we talked about Instant Messaging and why it is so popular.  When asked what was a really big messaging app, WhatsApp was cited.
WhatsApp has been around for close to 7 years and started by 2 guys who worked at Google.  What was there inspiration?  Well, at one point, the Canadian Company Blackberry had something called Black Berry Messenger.
It is hard to believe it is over 10 years old, but it inspired so many other developers to upgrade and make the Instant Messaging/Texting experience that much better.

The students in 7C will be thinking about the Apps we will develop and try to think of what already exists and how we can make something, which may exist, even bettter.  Did that make sense?
Incidentally, Facebook recently purchased WhatsApp for over 19 BILLION dollars!!  They have now used the thinking and brains behind that App to create Facebook Messenger.
I created a template for the class to add to the ideas we have already generated for our three possible Apps.  Here is the template, with the app ideas removed.

As we develop this project, our goal is to try our hand at coding.  The type of coding for Apple devices is known as Swift.  I found a website on Swift basics: and here is another:

It seems that I have some reading to do and some viewing!

In the form of Edutainment(, we have the Spoof Health/Media videos happening.  Here is a shot of the class watching the first set of videos:

A clip from our viewing of the Health Projects:

Interview letters are going home today.  Please indicate your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd preferred times and return the form.  Thanks.

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