Monday, February 8, 2016

New beginnings & Some inspirational quotations for the start of Term 2 , some Math Rewrites, and new work for Term 2

Goodbye, Term 1!

I was pleased to see that a small group of students, in the Resource Math group, took the initiative to complete some Rewrites for the most recent Math test.   Again, this is available for all students who have received a mark below 50%.  Here is one example that we walked through together:

On the Report Card, you will see a NA for the Geometry strand, but we are doing it now.  We are investigating angles and will be using a protractor to assist us.  On the list of links to the right, you will see a couple of videos in the middle about the use of the protractor.  I would take a look at it. 

As I do this blog, I came across this video, which sounds pretty useful and relevant for our unit.  

homework (some of this work is past due)

- comma collage
- paragraph (on topic of your choice), which is being graded
- journal response on Grandpa's secret

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